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Freya and Tom's

     We thought that some of our friends and relatives may enjoy, with us, the preparation for our special day.

It is our intention to put up details and pictures that you may find interesting, sometimes amusing and perhaps useful background to our arrangements

Do scroll down and see how the website increases as we approach the day

 Our engagement was on Christmas Eve 2010
and was marked ( with great hilarity by the rest of the family )
by Berwick Kayler at the the York Pantomime where Tom was invited to propose again on the stage.  The moment was captured on IPhone - enjoy......



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One of the first choices that had to be made was the Bridesmaids dresses

Some quite bizarre suggestions were rejected at an early stage !!!

A certain amount of self indigent tasting and sampling is required to determine the most appropriate light refreshment and sustenance for guests.

Large Dinning Room table and reasonably administratively gifted parents are an essential requirement for the successful "stuffing" and licking of invitations (13/11/2011)

and the same event concerning long eyebrow hair !! - click & listen carefully !!!

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Writing and stuffing completed - now for "just pop a stamp on each one Dad
and next time you are passing the central sorting office
could you please put them in the box".

From 14/11/2011 jump to 19/11/2011
and the "meet the Ushers" meeting....

Together with the "Best Man" a fine body of men facing the challenge of
21st April 2012
with fortitude, determination and a heavy thirst  -  no doubt !!

Josh Summers - Best Man

Chris Martin Jim Calverley James Green

Movember has an effect - slightly!!

2011 draws to a close and the big year is about to start.
Christmas saw Tom with his parents in Devon and Freya with hers in York
Midnight Christmas Eve in York was spent a Midnight Mass in the Minster.


Time rattled past at a great rate of nots (is that how you spell that type of Knots??)

Choosing the Wedding Breakfast Menu occupied many happy hours !!


When February arrived the picnic season opened early on the occasion of the Bridesmaids Dresses Fitting Sessions


closely followed by the "Shall we have our hair like this" debating Festival.


And of course the important matter of the colour of the Balloons......

Fairly regular visits were made to Sandburn Hall and the lovely Karen managed to keep up with a wide variety of moving goalposts !!


21st APRIL 2012



  We were blessed with a wonderful event and supported by the most wonderful set of family and friends who we thank for making the day so special.

Finally we end this page with a Slide show produced by Brian and Sam from Dublinstones which we think captures the day perfectly.
Large file may take some time to load for you  but worth the wait !!
(Turn up your volume and make the picture full screen)