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Eileen Sews 

What I do .......

Eileen Sews is my independent, home  based business  





I offer clothing alterations, repairs, new makes, soft furnishings, blinds and curtain making.  In effect, anything that involves fabric, needle and thread.

We can do anything that involves fabric from alterations and  repairs, hand made clothing to your own pattern and fabric, soft furnishings and curtains and blind.  

No job is too small and I love a challenge!

I always say that if a thing is worth doing, itís worth doing well and I donít give half measures.

As I said earlier, no job is too small so if you want a button sewing on, I will do it. 

Dress, skirt or fly zip broken? No problem.  I will do it.

Got a pair of trousers that need shortening, need the legs narrowing or need letting out or taking in? Again, I will do it.

Got an item of clothing that you want revamped or brought up to date? Contact me, I will do it.

Home Visits

A number of my customers  welcome the option of the Home Visit, especially those that are housebound or have mobility issues.   My mum, for example, doesnít like the hassle involved in using shop changing rooms and occasionally need help fastening zips etc. so loves it when I call in on her to discuss her needs .   We can chat at length about what needs doing and she is much more comfortable knowing that she is in her own surroundings.  If you would like a Home Visit, please get in touch with me and we can arrange a visit.  Iíll even bring the biscuits!


Some Examples of what we do ......

For  gentleman from Dunnington  .....

This customer had a pair of very expensive trousers that were a little bit too tight.  After trying them on for me, I saw that I could gain some more room if I let out the back seam. This gave me an additional ĹĒ but I needed to do something else to allow more room.  There were two darts on either side of the zip.  I undid one on each side and the fit was perfect.  However, the next problem was the waistband. There just wasnít enough of it.  To over come this stumbling block, I halved the width of the original waist band and, hey presto, there was ample fabric and the ĺĒ waistband didnít seem out of place or odd.  I am glad to say that this was a very satisfied customer!

For lady  form York  .....

This is a lovely, very petite lady who always has trouble with trousers. She called me again recently and asked me to call as she had bought another pair.  As per usual, they fit perfectly round the waist but the hips and the legs flapped around her like sails.

I started by adjusting the hips,  which meant that the legs had to be tapered  down to the hem along the outside seam.  The next stage was to work with the inside legs.  As  the trousers were a good fit around the crotch, I had to taper the inside seam down to the hem.  By doing the alterations this way, I was able to follow the  grain of the fabric to the  original pattern and thus ensured that they hung properly.

Another customer from York  .....

A close friend from primary school and now a valued customer called me the other night because she had bought a maxi dress that needed shortening.  She called round and put the dress on for me to look at.  I noticed that it hung down lower in the front than the back and at first I thought it was the way she was wearing it.  However, on closer inspection, I noticed that it had been shabbily made and the hem actually did hang lower in the front.  As she had bought it from a shop on Teeside, she couldnít just pop it back for a refund, so asked me to sort it. This was easily corrected and I had another satisfied customer.

For a customer in Hull  .....

Modified trousers  for a gentleman with one leg shorter than the other.  In addition to taking up the hem, he wanted the legs tapering to make them narrower                                                                               

And for another customer also in Hull  .....

This lady really loved the fabric of her dress but felt that it needed bringing up to date.  After a short consultation and a chat over a cup of tea, I suggested that I take out some of the fullness from the skirt, shorten it so that it could be worn as a tunic over trousers or leggings and then shorten the sleeves. She was really pleased with the finished product.  You can read her comments on the comments page.

Click Here to see more examples of our work and some of the projects we have completed.








I have been asked to make a variety of cushions ranging from the traditional cushion,  piped all round, with either  a zip or tuck fastening.




More Cushions

I have also been given some rather unorthodox fabric too.  These brown ones are actually made out of a 100% woollen tweed and the feature buttons are made out of wood that came off an  old handbag.  The oversized button holes are just for show  but the young designer who had ordered them was over the moon with the finished result.



Special Clothes Alterations
for those with special needs

I am aware that some people need particularly sensitive alterations to their clothing in order to make their lives easier and more comfortable. 


Care and Consideration for with special needs

I am aware that some people need particularly sensitive alterations to their clothing in order to make their lives easier and more comfortable. 

I recently visited a very good friend that I have known for a number of years and after taking about things in general, we talked about my work.  He was very interested as he has been in a wheelchair for quite a number of years and always had problems with clothing.  He explained to me that he had bought a new jacket but, although it kept him warm, it was most awkward to wear.  As he explained to me, he didnít need the length in the back of the jacket as the chair provided him with the warmth he need in cold weather.  He gave me a few suggestions and the result is as you can see in the photo.  (Click Here to see this and other examples of my work) I cut out a horseshoe in the back, took in the side seams and narrowed the shoulders off.  Another problem he has is that one arm is longer than the other, so the sleeves needed altering. I was able to carry out this task quite easily and replaced the corded cuff so the finished jacket looks good and fits perfectly.

Another challenge that I enjoyed!



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