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Eileen Sews 

You can come to me ---- Or we can come to you.


During the past year we have worked on garments and sewing projects widely across the UK

We are based in the lovely old city of York....
 but in simple terms .....

we can come to you wherever you are.



Home Visits

A number of my customers  welcome the option of the Home Visit, especially those that are housebound or have mobility issues.   My mum, for example, doesnít like the hassle involved in using shop changing rooms and occasionally need help fastening zips etc. so loves it when I call in on her to discuss her needs .   We can chat at length about what needs doing and she is much more comfortable knowing that she is in her own surroundings.  If you would like a Home Visit, please get in touch with me and we can arrange a visit.  Iíll even bring the biscuits!


Care and Consideration for those with special needs.

I am aware that some people need particularly sensitive alterations to their clothing in order to make their lives easier and more comfortable. 

I recently visited a very good friend that I have known for a number of years and after taking about things in general, we talked about my work.  He was very interested as he has been in a wheelchair for quite a number of years and always had problems with clothing.  He explained to me that he had bought a new jacket but, although it kept him warm, it was most awkward to wear.  As he explained to me, he didnít need the length in the back of the jacket as the chair provided him with the warmth he need in cold weather.  He gave me a few suggestions and the result is as you can see in the photo.  (Click Here to see this and other examples of my work) I cut out a horseshoe in the back, took in the side seams and narrowed the shoulders off.  Another problem he has is that one arm is longer than the other, so the sleeves needed altering. I was able to carry out this task quite easily and replaced the corded cuff so the finished jacket looks good and fits perfectly.

Another challenge that I enjoyed!



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